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Shadowhal 2006-05-07 12h47

How to Get a Life
How to Get a Life

It's never easy to overcome innate nerdity, a serious Internet addiction, or a hard-core computer gaming habit, but trying usually isn't as painful as kidney stones.

Difficulty Level: Hard
Time Required: Years

Here's How:
  • Let go of the mouse.
  • Turn off the computer.
  • Play a game of solitaire with a real deck of cards.
  • Eat something other than taco chips.
  • Fart without recording it and putting it up your Web page.
  • Get some sleep in bed rather than on your keyboard.
  • Next time you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, don't tell everyone on your ICQ list about it.
  • Open a window without turning your computer back on (yes, it is possible).
  • Very gradually expose your eyes to increasingly bright light so as to avoid damage or permanent sun blindness.
  • When you feel prepared for a massive dose of non-CRT radiation, put on welding goggles and go outside.
  • If you see someone, say "Hi" to them instead of trying to make the modem connect sound.
  • Visit a friend that you haven't spoken to in years because they don't have an email address.
  • Have ".com" officially removed from behind your name.
  • Go on a date with someone you didn't meet in a chat room.

Fitzz 2006-05-07 13h08

Re: How to Get a Life
Euhh..... pourquoi je me sent visé Dan? ;-)

Shadowhal 2006-05-07 19h22

Re : Re: How to Get a Life
Je vois pas de quoi tu parles. :evil:

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