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Re : Un brevet sur "There's an app for that"

J'en ais trouvé!!!

“Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”
Trademarker: Michael Buffer
In the 1980s, Buffer was a boxing ring announcer who belted out “Let’s get ready to rumble!” whenever he hopped on the mic. Crowds loved it, and in 1992 he smacked a trademark on the phrase. That was a pretty smart move, as his saying found its way into songs, TV commercials, and hyperviolent backyard wrestling videos. Believe it or not, it’s rumored that Buffer has grossed $400 million from all the licensing.

“That’s Hot”
Trademarker: Paris Hilton
In 2007, Paris got into a legal spat with Hallmark over what she claimed was an unlawful use of her trademarked phrase on one of their greeting cards. The case was settled out of court, which turned out to be the last time Paris was in the news for not going to court.

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